A Hilarious Online Party Game!

The aim of the game is to pick up and carry as many items as you can to the van before time runs out. The more items you decide to stack at once, the more multiplier points you will get. All you have to do is get more points than the other players to win! As your stack gets higher and wobblier, it’s more difficult to control and you are more likely to be attacked by other thieves hoping to steal your points. Fight your way to 1st place as you use gadgets from the getaway van to control the room and mess with the other players!


  • Before starting the game, choose 4 different gadgets from the main menu to take with you.

  • Enter the van to use your chosen gadgets. Each one has a different effect on the room when activated - you could turn out the lights, make an earthquake, drop anvils, put down ice, move doors and loads more.

  • Each gadget can be used for free, but will have a recharge time after activating. You can use the money you earn in a match, and pay to use the gadget again straight away instead of waiting for it to recharge.

  • Leave the van at any point to continue stealing on the ground

  • Watch out for the guards in the room - they will make you drop your stack if they catch you.

  • Throw items you are carrying to knock over other thieves and guards.

  • Dash forward to attack other players or destroy objects like doors and walls.

  • A vault will open in the last 30 seconds to reveal an extremely valuable item - sometimes enough to sway the game!

  • Make sure you’re in the van ready to escape before time runs out!